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Santa Claus

Contributed by- Akanksha Goyal , Kalyan(West) , India
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Materials :
» Newspaper
» Fevicryl Colours
» Glue (Fevicol)
» Cotton
» Tissuepaper(White)


Crush the news paper and make two equal size sphere .With the help of fevicol attach both the spheres one above one and let it dry.

Then make hands and legs by another news paper and stick it by using glue.After this make a cone shape of news paper and attach it .

Above the first sphere and make a fold at the of the cone.Then stick white tissue paper all over the santa.Then colour it by fevicryl colours and let it dry.After this stick a round shape cotton at the end of that cone and a cotton mustache.


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kailash gavali, kalyan
June 5, 2010
i like to see
Sudha, Coimbatore
May 14, 2010
pictures will be helpful