Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Seashell Frame

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You could make a variety of picture frames using many creative techniques and supplies. Try this seashell frame craft. This is an inexpensive frame. 

» Oval or any other shaped wooden frame
» Sand
» Light blue Acrylic paint
» Seashells
» Paint Brush
» Craft Glue
» Any picture, a vacation photo or a baby photo etc


Paint the frame with blue Acrylic paint and let it dry. Before gluing anything onto the clear frame, it's good  to put the picture in first. Then you can see the best places to decorate. Spread glue all around the edge of a frame. Sprinkle sand all around the edge to cover the glue. Shake off extra. Place shells in the frame until you find an arrangement that pleases you. When you are satisfied with the design, hot-glue the shells in place. Using the craft drill, drill a hole on top of frame about 1" apart and thread a metal wire through the hole. Now your picture seashell frame is ready.


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Jamuna a, Ooty
January 19, 2014
Very nice...
Kriz, Tamilnadu
September 24, 2011
Your instruction is too good but it will be better if u put it with more pictures...
Ritu, M.P.
August 8, 2011
It's Toooo Good!