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Heart Shaped Greeting Card

Contributed by- Shalu Kapoor , Ghaziabad , India
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Materials Needed :
» Coloured Pastel Sheet
» Small Stone
» Sparkel Tube

Method :

First we will take a coloured pastel sheet and fold it in the card shape.the size of the card should be half of the chart paper. Then we will draw a big heart shape on the front of the card ,and then we will cut the card into this heart shape .so that the card will be of heart shape. Now we will take another 2 coloured pastel sheet(coloured paper)and drow some flowers on this sheet and cut it .so we will take two colours of flowers. Then we will give a 3d effect with our thumb ,so that the pettels of the flowers should be upper side. Now we will paste all the flowers on the corner of the whole card (on the front of the card in heart shape) then we will put a small stone on the center of all flowers. Then we will write anything in the center in the card,on front (like ,happy birthday,happy anniversory,love you etc.)with the help of sparkel tube .. And now open the card and write anything in ur card ....

Now our heart shaped greeting card is ready


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krishna veni, hyd
June 9, 2010
if u give d pictures also it is so easy i think...