Saturday, November 25, 2017

Tissue Paper Flowers

Different Types of Flowers

Tissue paper is one of the most popular decorative paper. You can make beautiful flowers with tissue paper in no time. This economical and easy to make flowers can brighten up any room with its variety of designs and the striking range of colours. All you need is a little imagination and skill. So try out the flowers given here...

Different Types of Flowers

Pleated Flowers | Daisies | Cosmos | Cabbage Rose | Party Rose

Materials: The basic materials needed are tissue paper in vivid colours, wire for flower stems and to secure petals, crepe paper to wrap the flower base, stem and to make leaves, Glue and scissors.

Wire comes in different thickness or gauges. 12 or 14 gauge which is rigid and heavy are used for stems of large flowers, 22 to 24 gauges which are lightweight are used for small flowers or curving stems. Very fine spool wire around 30 gauge is used for fastening petals to the stem wire. Commercial floral tapes or strips of crepe paper can be used to wrap the stem, and leaves can be made with either tissue, crepe or construction paper.

There are methods by which we can give a crinkled, glossy, transparent or translucent effect to the petals to make them more attractive. Dipping the petals in wax makes them translucent - gives them a semi- transparent effect.  Melt wax or candle stubs in a double boiler over hot water and dip the finished flower into the melted wax and gentle shake off excess droplets of wax  and allow it to harden. The petals get a glossy look when sprayed with lacquer or clear acrylic and a glasslike appearance when the finished flower is dipped in thinned lacquer or plastic resin. Each method is explained as and when they come.