Sunday, January 20, 2019

Tissue Paper Flowers

Different Types of Flowers


For making cosmos flowers choose tissue paper with colours such as a pink, rose, light purple, and white. You can make as many flowers you desire and arrange it with real leaves to have an original effect. 


Flower Centre: Fold a strip of tissue paper in half length wise , then fold into  thirds for fringing. Slash or fringe the  folded edge with scissors at even intervals. Make a crook in a piece of stem wire and draw it through one end of the fringed paper to make sure it cannot slip. Wind, using dabs of glue to secure the base, until the desired fullness is reached. 


Flower : Cut out circles of 2 inch diameter to make flowers. One circle is one flower.  Fold the circle of tissue paper in quarters as shown in figure, and cut in equal measures around the folded edge to separate the petals of the flower. Make  zig zag slashes on the edges of the petals with scissors at equal intervals or slash with pinking scissors. Your flower patterns are ready.

Procedure : Make a flower center of dark purple fringed tissue paper then thread a single flower pattern onto the stem and glue at the base.