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Lucknow Festival


The Lucknow Mahotsav or Lucknow festival is a ten day long event held annually in the month of November-December. This festival celebrates Lucknow's living culture is organized by the U.P. Tourism and Government of India at Lakshman Mela Ground, MG Road, Lucknow.  Lucknow festival is a brilliant showcase of arts & crafts and cuisines of the bygone Nawabi days.

The main highlights of Lucknow festival are the colorful processions, traditional dramas, Kathak dances in the style of the famous Lucknow gharana, sarangi and sitar recitals along with ghazals, qawalis and thumri performances. Exciting events like ekka races, kite flying, cock fighting and other traditional village games makes the city alive. Lucknow Festival gives a platform to the local talents of UP to showcase the rich and unique art, music, dance, literature and cuisine of Lucknow. One can also taste the traditional delicacies of Lucknowi cuisine, ranging from vegetarian cusine to the non-vegetarian.

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