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Sankat Mochan Temple


Sankat Mochan Temple, devoted to Lord Hanuman, is located in the heart of Lucknow near the bank of river Gomti. The old temple was swept away by the 1960 flood of river Gomati, leaving the statue of Lord in the middle. The present temple was founded and blessed by His Holiness Baba Neeb Karauri in 1967. The temple was designed and built by the architect Shri Kanvinde Rai. Joshi & Co.

The architecture of the temple is a wonderful blend of old and new. The one-piece marble statue of Lord Hanuman measuring a height of 6.5 ft, can be see from all corners of the puja hall and from the road. The puja hall, which is oval in shape, has a sitting capacity of 250 persons. The temple has very beautiful mural paintings. One can find the cement bust of Lord Ram & Sita on one side and Lord Ram and Lakshman along with the vanar sena performing Shiv Puja (Setu Bandh Rameshwaram Scene) on the wall.

One of the notable thing about the temple is that the devotees write letters to the Lord describing their problems and all the letters are read out in the temple and the devotees receive blessings from the Lord. The devotees offer clothes and other articles to the Lord, which are gifted to the artists who participate in the annual day (Varshikotsawa) celebration of the temple held on 26th January every year.

The main activities of the temple are the anna sewa made through the temple trust ,which offers food to more than hundred people everyday .The trust also runs a Homeopathic charitable dispensary (Dharmik Chikitsalaya) for the poor. A program of devotional music (Bhakti Sangeet) was held there on every Sunday and various discourse on Shreemad Bhaagwat Gita and Shree Ram Charit Manas are also held from time to time.

Shree Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple,
Hanuman Setu, University Road, Lucknow-226 007
Phone: +91 522 278 2621,+91 522 278 1949,+91 522 278 9871

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