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Kaiserbagh Palace


Kaiserbagh Palace complex or the emperorís garden situated in the Awadh region of UP, is one of the most popular memorials in Lucknow. The palace was built between 1848 and 1850 by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the successor of Muhammad Ali. He built the palace on an expectation that it to be regarded as the eighth wonder of the world. Famous for its architectural brilliance, its major attractions are the ionic columns, handrails, Hindu umbrellas, Moorish minarets, lanterns and pediments. The usage of gilt crowns, Mughal-style pavilion and European-style statues enhance the beauty of the palace.

Most portions of the palace were destroyed by the attack of British in 1858, but some structures in its ruined state are still preserved. One can found the Baradari, a white stone edifice at the middle of the complex, which was earlier covered with silver. It is now used as a cultural centre. The quadrangle of the palace is flanked by yellow buildings on its three sides. These double storied buildings with large courtyards and no windows on the exterior were once used as the residence for royal ladies and are now the property of Taluqdars. One can enter the elaborate charbagh of the quadrangle through the Lakhi gates, which are now in dilapidated condition. The tombs of Nawaab Saadat Ali and his wife on the northern terrace of the courtyard are still exist, but devoid of their elaborate enclosures and gates, which are now protected by the Archeological Survey of India. The palace complex also houses two markets Meena Bazaar and Kaptan Bazaar, entirely for the royal women.

The Indian government in close co-operation with the Archeological survey of India has made plans to renew the palace and preserve this historical complex as an important tourist attraction. 

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