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Tiruchendur Temple

Tiruchendur, the sea side town situated 48km east of Thirunelveli is a popular place of pilgrimage. The ancient Lord Subramanya temple dedicated to Lord Muruga is located on a small rocky promontory on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. The principal sanctum has a stone image of Lord Subrahmanya in standing posture. This idol that faces east is placed next to a monolithic Sivalinga which is believed to be worshiped by Subrahmanyam.

The main entrance of the temple facing south is adorned by a vast mandapam called Shanmukha Vilasa from where one can see the sanctum of the Lord. The temple has three prakarams and the main entrance opens into the first temple prakaram, i.e Sivili Mandapam. The entrance on the west, is a nine storeyed massive structure measuring 45m high and it is a prominent landmark of the temple that can be visible from the ocean. The temple being one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga, draws millions of devotees especially during 'Kanda Shasti Festival' in the month of Aippasi (October-November). The annual 10 days long Vasanta festival is held in the month of Chittirai (April-May).

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