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Thirunelveli City Facts


Thirunelveli alias Nellai in Tamil Nadu, is a 2000 year old city located on the west bank of the only perennial river of the south, the Tamraparni. Considered as the sixth largest city in Tamil Nadu, Thirunelveli has a diverse topography and varied physical features like high mountains and low plains, rivers and cascades, seacoast and thick inland forest. The city grew into prominence during the Pandya Regime and served as their capital for some time. Thirunelveli along with its twin town Palayamkottai is also one of the oldest Christian centers in Tamil Nadu. The city surrounded by paddy fields is known for its reed mats, palm handicrafts, palm sugar and temples especially the Kanthimathi Nellaiyappar Shiva temple after which the city is named. It is now an industrial city specialized in the manufacture of textiles, cigars and jewellery . The chief towns of Thirunelveli are Kuttalam, Sankarankoil and Tenkasi. The city is famous for Thirunelveli Halwa (sweet wheat halwa ) and also known as Halwa city and Oxford of South India. 


Area : 87.64 Sq.Kms
Population : 3,65,932
Season : Throughout the year
STD Code : 0462
Rain Fall : 814 mm
Temperature : Max 450CC Min 220C
Literacy : 78%