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Kazhugumalai means hill inhabited by eagles, located 56 kms north of Thirunelveli is a treasure trove of indescribably beautiful Jaina sculptures. There are ponds on either side of the hill and the hilltop offers a breathtaking view of paddy fields interspersed with palmyra trees. Several Jain carvings are seen on the hill, which has made this place an important Jain pilgrim center. The place also houses several religious shrines including the famous Kazhugachalamurthy Temple and Our Lady Lourdes Mary RC Church.

Kazhugachalamurthy Temple locally called 'Vettuvar Koil' dates back to 8th century is a rare example of Pandya style of architecture and is worth visiting. Dedicated to Lord Subramania, the temple is carved out of a huge single rock. The unique feature of this temple is that rather than rising from the foundations, it was chiselled from the top. The idol of presiding deity Kazhugachalamurthy (Aarumugaswami )  is kept inside in a cave. Two friezes of ganas (demons) can be seen in the front porch of the temple. A holy water tank called Valli Sunai which is considered to be of great medicinal value is located at the foot of the 300 feet high hill. The octagonal shaped top of the vimana ( tower) is located upside down and decorated with lion heads. The temple has another four towers with the figures of Siva and Parvathi in the east, Lord Dakshinamurthi by playing a mrithungam in the south , Narasimha in the west and Brahma on lotus in the north.

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