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Killa Raipur

Killa Raipur is situated 20 km away from Ludhiana, is the famous center where the Rural Olympics is conducted in mid-February .Large number of people from different parts of Punjab gathered here to view the sporting skills of the village youth . There are basically three types of competitions are held in the rural meets. Firstly, the entirely rural games like Kabaddi, Wrestling, and Weight lifting are held and secondly, the performing sports like Acrobatics, Twisting an Iron-rod by placing it on the Adam's apple, passing a tractor over the rib cage, cracking a big stone slab by place it on the chest ,and more off beat feats, as seen where a youngster applied surma (kohl) on his eyes, with a knife held between his legs and finally there are the modern sports like Athletics, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Cycling etc also held.

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