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Sarai at Doraha (Mughal Sarai)

This 17th centuary beautiful Sarai (protected monument) situated at Doraha Village to the south of Ludhiana -Khanna road, built by the Mughal ruler Jahangir. This huge rectangular Sarai has octagonal bastions at each corner with168m. Square area of battlemented walls and also has rooms and verandahs on all sides .It have a huge two double-storied gateways in the centre on northern and southern sides, connected with a kachha pathway. The northern gate was painted with floral designs and the southern gate has flora and fauna paintings. One of the gates is beautifully decorated with blue and yellow glazed tiles and the other gate is diverse with its frontage separated into panels and built with carved brickwork. The framework of the arch of each entrance gateway is made with glazed tiles created in the model of multi-cornered stars and swastikas.

Sarai has 20 rooms on northern and southern sides and 30 rooms eastern and western sides each with a suite of three rooms in the centre . The walls and ceilings of these rooms were richly painted with bright colours. The octagonal opening in the ceilings is for light and ventilation and a distinctive "hammam system" for boiling water are the most notable ones. As it is in a dilapidated condition but its ancient magnificence can still be viewed from the two gateways, which still stands unbroken. There is also a richly painted mosque with a dome , now in ruins and a well in the courtyard. Now the big compound of sarai is being maintained as lawns by the department of archaeology and is protected under the Punjab Ancient and Historical Monuments archaeological sites and remains Act, 1964.

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