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Soils Museum

It is the only one Soils Museum in Northern India which describes the complete information about the soil resources of Punjab State based on the research carried out in the Department of Soils of the University. The museum has six floors of which the first three floors depicts the occurrence of natural soil while the other floors describes about the soil fertility. Soil maps of World, India and Punjab, monoliths of representative soils profiles of Punjab, specimen of rocks and minerals, atomic structure model of minerals etc. are also exhibits in the museum. The problem of soil erosion in Kandi belt of Punjab and different steps of renovation technique of salt affected soils are depicted by painting and models. Exhibits relating to water quality and soil fertility management with prominence on role of soil and water testing, careful use of fertilizers and indication of nutrient insufficiency are also described. This museum provides as a tool for teaching and research in the field of soil and water conservation, fertility management and soil resource inventory. Young farmers, Officials from State Agriculture Department and students from other State Agriculture University visits this museum in order to get the latest knowledge .

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