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Ludhiana City Facts


Ludhiana, the site of a great battle in the First Sikh War (1845) is now Punjab's most populated metropolitan city, located on the banks of the Sutlej River in the Malwa region of the state of Punjab. Ludhiana earlier known as Lodhiana which literally means the town of the Lodhi 's, is named after the Lodhi Princes from Delhi who founded the place in 1480. Besides being a major textile and light engineering center, its hosiery goods are in great demand in all the markets of the east and the west. Ludhiana exports woolen garments, machine tools, dyes, cycle parts, mopeds, sewing machines and motor parts all over the world. The city has a large grain market and is famous for its rural Olympics. The famous Punjab Agricultural University is situated on the outskirts of Ludhiana.


Area : 3,767 Sq.kms
Population : 3032831
Season : November To March
STD Code : 0161
Rain Fall : 18.0 to 804.0 (mm/month).
Temperature : 6.25 to 40.15 (Celcius).
Literacy : 70%