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Roshni Mela

Roshni Mela alias 'fair of lights' is celebrated in honor of a Muslim Pir, Abdul Kader Jalani . It is held in the neighborhood of his tomb . Roshni Mela is held for 3 days from 14th to 16th of Phalgun (the third week of February) every year. As it is a Muslim fair but large number of devotees irrespective of religion visit this place. It is believed that the person who sincerely prays at the shrine of this pir (dargah) will certainly achieve their wish. The devotees light earthen lamps at the shrine of the pir which can be seen from very far .The main attractions of the mela are Circus, magic shows, swings . People perform dances and singing songs to the Toomba, the one-stringed instrument and the sweet strain of the flute.

The mela also held in the mausoleum of Mai Zeena, situated about 500 metres from the dargah. Mai Zeena was one of the wives of Baba Mohkamdin. Baba Mohkamdin, a disciple of Hazarat Khawaja Abbas Sahib ,who came to Sirhind from Noni Sahib Mankala Mohalla,and meditated for 12 years at Ratti Khera, near Faridkot and then settled at Agwar Gujjran here . Mai Zeena served as guard of Baba Mohkamdin during his period of meditation and answer to the questions of devotees.

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  By :  shamsher ali smiley
  Jul 8, 2011 5:02:58 PM | england london Reply to this Comment/ Review
wow i never knew this. thanks too all of luhiana for care and respeact give too the holy shrie. i m muslim jat born in UK MAY ALLAH BLESS LUHIANA FOR GOOD DEED