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Prof. Mohan Singh Mela

Every year on October 20, Prof. Mohan Singh Mela is celebrated at Ludhiana to commemorate the birthday of the great Punjabi poet Prof. Mohan Singh. He spent the last time of his life in Ludhiana, first as an Emeritus Professor at Punjab Agricultural University and then lead his retired life. His association with Ludhiana is as important as that of Sahir Ludhianvi as both of them mark out the name of the city on the literary map of India

The mela was started two decades earlier by one of his fervent followers, Jagdev Singh Jassowal, after his demise on May 3, 1978 This is one of the cultural fest of Punjab organized by the Foundation of Prof. Mohan Singh in Ludiana every year. The mela will begin in the morning by decorating the upper body of Prof Mohan Singh and then a procession will be conducted , started from his home situated near the Aarti cinema and ends at his statue at the Aarti Chowk and there the statue is garlanded by his children and others and famous personalities will also take part in this ceremony. Then the procession will continue from there and then reached the Punjabi Bhavan .The aim of this festival is to promote Punjabi culture, language and literature. Here many literary and non-literary events were conducted. Participants from all over the state come here to present poetry recitation competitions of compositions by Prof. Mohan Singh .Jeewan Daani Puruskar, Gazal Badshah, Sharvan Putra Award, Sangeet Samrat Award, Gurnam Singh Teer Award, Sur Sehzada Award, Lok Kalavan Puruskar are some of the awards given to them.

Cultural events are held in the evening. Dhadi and Kavishar Durbar are also held here. Exhibitions of Utensils, paintings, clothes and handicraft items, Books by the famous Punjabi authors, Posters of famous Punjabi personalities are exhibited and sell. The statue of Prof Mohan Singh is also show cased along with various other statues. In this colorful event all the shades of the colours of Punjab combined together , like the red chilies; lush landscape; blue rivers; yellow sandbank and the glittering bangles and ornaments of a Punjabi girl. (Punjab is a land of five rivers namely the Jhelam, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej ). People celebrate the festival with enthusiasm.  

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