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Jarag Mela

Jarag Mela also known as the Beheria Mela celebrated in Jarag in the Tehsil Payal Village in Ludiana. It is one of the most popular fairs of Punjab .It is a Martyr Fair celebrated in the Indian month of Chaitra ie,between March and April for the Mother Goddess Seetala. The Mela is celebrated very enthusiastically which attracts large number of people from all over the country and they were gathered around a pond and dig out mud from there on a belief that mud of this pond is considered sacred to recover from diseases. It is said that the shrine for Goddess Seetala is built from this mud and was worshiped by the visitors. The prasadam of the puja consist of jaggery cakes fried in oil (Sweet gulgulas) which is offered to Goddess and then to a donkey, the Vahana of the Goddess and after all the family members eat the remaining prasadam with great savor. After the puja offerings the village people celebrate this festival with the gracefulness of their community.

It is celebrated due to the standard of living of the community with the religious proceedings fun and entertainment .It is a colourful festival .The festival gave more importance to social communication. Cultural programs are conducted in the evening. Many stalls are set up to sell local handicrafts in the fair ground . It is very funny but delightful to see the Potters specially bring their donkeys decked in colored blankets.

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