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Chhapaar Mela

This festival is celebrated in September (on the Anand Chaudas on the 14th day of the bright half of Bhadon) every year for three days, in the village of Chhapaar in Ludhiana District, at Gugge di Marhi, a big shrine. This shrine was built in 1890 in the memory of Goga-the Zahir Pir, the Lord of the snakes , believed to have possess special powers to recover all kinds of snakes poisons. It is celebrated to worship the Lord. It is said that the effect of Snake poison will be reduced by his grace and infertile women are also blessed to fertile. During the festival a procession is held by carrying Guga Pir .Thousands of devotees of different religion attended this procession to get the blessings of the Lord Guja. On the festival day villagers dig out earth seven times, to invoke Gugga Pir to protect them against snakes.

It is the festival of dance also called as Zinda Dance . This is a Grand Dance Carnival where beautiful girls dance onstage according to the tune of music; it is an attractive show witnessed by large number of people from different parts of the country .In this mela People sing folk songs and perform folk dances.

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