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World Satoshi Summit 2018: South Asia's Biggest Blockchain Conference

GURGAON, India: World Satoshi Summit 2018 will bring 3500+ global stakeholders under a single roof to ideate and innovate around blockchain technology, and hence eliminate the information asymmetry in the space. The event will feature keynotes, workshops, smart contract sessions, networking meets, and more.

The largest gathering of blockchain enthusiasts in South-Asia will be powered by empowering initiatives such as Nova-Stride, which will give promising startups the opportunity to pitch to a panel of investors, and Women Economic Empowerment, which aims to train 250+ underprivileged women from across the word in Blockchain skills by 2020.

Dates and venue

May 12 and May 13, 2018, at the JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi

Vision Behind theWorld Satoshi Summit 2018

Considering the huge financial disasters and scams plaguing the structured and so-called trusted financial systems, there is need to find an alternative route that is backed by technology that is not affected by human greed and corruption.

Such a revolutionary technology will not only make the system in developing countries corruption free but also highly efficient.

With this summit, the plan is to remove the information asymmetry in the blockchain space so that multiple parties and organisations are encouraged to explore and leverage blockchain use cases in their specific domains.

In the past, humanity has been reshaped by several industrial revolutions that forever changed the way humans lived and worked. After the inception of the Internet about 30 years ago, it is now that we are witnessing the emergence of a ground-breaking technology, which is brewing up another revolution - The Blockchain.

One should attend the World Satoshi Summit 2018 if they want to be a part of the history in the emergent technological revolution.

Here's what visitors can look forward to at the global conference of 3500+ attendees:

- Network with global stakeholders of the blockchain and crypto community; meet potential clientele
- Cross paths with CEOs of leading global corporates, startups and PSUs
- Pitch to VCs, Angels, HNIs, IBs through the Nova-Stride initiative; showcase their startup to the relevant audience
- Master crypto-trading skills by learning the tricks-of-the-trade at workshops by global traders
- Know how to integrate blockchain for efficiency gains in your business and industry
- Learn the potential impact of blockchain in government and public sector services
- Live airdrop of ICOs; opportunity to invest in startups with brilliant ideas
- Write their very first Smart Contract through live sessions from experienced blockchain developers
- Hear about women's role in tech and contribute to the Women Economic Empowerment initiative

Key Organisers?

The World Satoshi Summit 2018 is conceptualised by Harmeet Singh Monga and Rajesh Dhuddu. Pioneers in the industry, both play an active role in the South-Asian blockchain and crypto community. Earlier, they partnered for the founding of the Indian subcontinent's foremost Blockchain Special Interest Group under NASSCOM.

Harmeet is also the CBO at BlockSmiths, which enables businesses and governments with blockchain applications for businesses and PSUs. Rajesh is a TEDx Speaker and the SVP at Quatrro, a multinational company helping its clients adapt to latest technologies.

Who are the Keynote Speakers?

At the 2018 WSS, some of the most well-known blockchain influencers on the planet are coming together to give inspirational keynotes on the role of the radical technology in rewiring the world economy in the capital of world's largest democracy, New Delhi.

The list of expected keynote speakers include:

Roger Ver
CEO at Bitcoin.com, the Bitcoin Billionaire, Roger Ver, started investing in the cryptocurrency at an early stage. He has invested in noteworthy startups like Blockchain.info, BitPay.com.

Devie Mohan
One of world's top 10 Global FinTech influencers, Devie Mohan, is the Founder of Turya, and Co-founder and CEO at Burnmark. The Indian-origin entrepreneur is a role model for women in the male-dominated finance industry.

Richard Kastelein
Richard Kastelein is an award-winning entrepreneur who founded the acclaimed industry news publication, Blockchain News. He regularly writes on the emergent technology for various publications such as the Harvard Business Review and Guardian.

Ted Lin
An alumni of Cornell University, Ted is the Head of International Markets at Binance and has been instrumental in growth of the platform which is now the world's biggest exchange by market volume. Ted is stated to be an expert in Product Management and Marketing by several experts around the world.

Leanne Kemp
Having spent more than 20 years in the technology industry, Leanne is a veteran and is currently the Founder and CEO of a popular startup, EverLedger, which leverages the blockchain technology to assist in the reduction of risk and fraud for banks, insurers and open marketplaces. An alumni of prestigious Harvard University, she is a regular speaker at events around the world on topics ranging from blockchain to world trade.

Kumar Gaurav
The Founder and CEO at Cashaa, Kumar Gaurav is a serial entrepreneur who is counted among the top 100 most influential people on the globe. Interestingly, his venture Cashaa raised USD 18 million through its ICO in 2017.

Sally Eaves
Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council, Sally Eaves is a well-known thought leader who speaks on emergent technologies, social innovation, digital transformation, and more. One of the top blockchain influencers in the world, Sally, who strongly endorses women in blockchain initiative, is also giving her support to WSS's Women Economic Empowerment initiative.

Ross Smith
The Director of Engineering at Microsoft, Ross Smith, has over two decades of experience in software development. Ross, whose focus area is management innovation, is a regular speaker at worldwide technology events.

Derin Cag
Derin, the founder of media brand Richtopia and co-founder of Blockchain Age is an entrepreneur who believes in the role of emergent technologies. He is an influential speaker on areas such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Fourth Industrial Revolution, IoT, etc.

Sanjay Goswami
Marketing Head
World Satoshi Summit

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