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Lukka Acquires Coinfirm bringing Audited Data to Blockchain Analytics, Compliance, and Investigations

New York [US], May 22: Lukka, the global leader in enterprise digital asset data and software solutions, proudly announces its acquisition of Coinfirm, a top-tier European based blockchain analytics software company.


Revolutionising Rubber: IRMRI and Emertech Unveil India's First Blockchain-Enabled Certification

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 7: The Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Institute (IRMRI) and Emertech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. are excited to announce the successful completion of India's first initiative to incorporate blockchain innovations across the rubber sector.


Blockchain technology to transform healthcare in India

Mumbai (Maharashtra) | April 19, 2024 :In response to India's urgent healthcare challenges, IIT Bombay and Blockchain for Impact (BFI) have established a strategic partnership to catalyse transformative projects and revolutionize the publi

More Rebrands from And Unveils The Top 10,000 Public Companies Market Cap integrating AI Blockchain Technologies

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 18, 2024: The Businessabc digital hub marketplace provides SMEs with B2B, B2C, or service marketplaces, access to chambers of commerce, trade corridors, digital supply chains, provenance tools, and multi-store e-commerce and partners.


Top Altcoins to Buy: BlockDAG's Blockchain Development with 20,000X ROI, Kaspa Price Prediction, and Ripple vs SEC Volatility Impact

New Delhi [India], April 15, 2024: The ongoing SEC vs Ripple case is causing ripples, affecting market volatility and attracting investor interest, while Kaspa's future price prediction appears to be on neutral ground.


aelf Leads the Fusion of AI and Blockchain to Shape the Future of Technology

Singapore, April 12,2024: In a transformative move for the blockchain industry, aelf, a pioneering blockchain network, has announced its strategic shift to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) within its blockchain.