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Embracing Profitable Union of Metaverse, Blockchain, Web3 & Exotech With Quest Global Technologies

New Delhi [India], December 9 (ANI/SRV): Having successfully launched million-dollar projects with big brands like- Radio Shack, Shiba Inu, Taboo Token, Rowan Energy & Jokerverse, Quest Global Technologies, a development & consulting entity based in Indore is all set to extend their notable Tech expertise to micro & mega corporations for furthering digitization goals to match the rapidly evolving global environment. The brand is emerging as a global leader in the development of cutting-edge Blockchain, Metaverse, and Web3 advancements.

Incorporated in 2013, Founders- Alok Agrawal & Romil Jain, endowed with rich expertise gained working decades for Fortune 500 Companies, introduced the revolutionary tech-wonder: Blockchain (DLT- Digital Ledger Technology), to their home country; at a time when the world was slowly raising to the groundbreaking potential of this exotechnology. Quest GLT has since then, launched a diverse array of innumerable Blockchain-backed projects, that have successfully acquired Series funding from private & public investors across the globe.

Industry experts & leaders have studied the trajectory of Extended Realities and have predicted that as the next iteration of the internet, Metaverse is bound to reach a market valuation of 1527.55 billion U.S. dollars by 2030 & Web 3.0 measuring the elevation of 81.5 billion U.S dollars by end of the decade; with each exhibiting estimated CAGR of over 44%. Investing in Extended Reality apps, DAO, Digital Assets, Virtual Events & Estates is anticipated to generate exponential ROIs and reduced turnaround times, while significantly enhancing transparency, connectivity, engagement & target reach.

Empowered by their victorious accomplishments, Quest Global Technologies is driven to help mass enterprises in upgrading their legacy systems to match the growing need of the hour and quickly adapt to the highly lucrative domains of Metaverse and Web3. Leaders at Quest GLT firmly believe that the union of Blockchain, Metaverse & Web3 is ready to make quantum leaps & drastically upend the ways humans interact, work, play, study and stay connected with each other inside or outside the real world.

The entire concept of "real" will be challenged by the advent of Metaverse & Web 3.0 in near future. From Gaming, Tourism, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Properties, Finance, Marketing, Military, and so on, the holy matrimony of Metaverse and Web 3.0 will launch new waves of digital transformation across all Industry verticals & sectors. Those who are prepared will flourish & those who aren't will perish. There's no softening the impact here.

Quest Global Technologies has received several awards & acclamations from renowned International forums for their significant contribution to Blockchain & IT domains. Business Asia Pacific awarded them as the "Best Blockchain Company" in 2019, Clutch has ranked them as the #5th in the Top 100 Blockchain Development Companies in the World. Good Firms has lauded them as one of the Best Blockchain Development Companies in India, while Insight Success has accoladed them to be the One-stop Destination for all Software Requirements.

For more information, please visit: https://questglt.com/

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