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BitcoinCash 22 - The electronic cash conference

Saint Kitts and Nevis/Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 18 : BitcoinCash 22, the P2P electronic cash conference where experts come together to discuss how cryptocurrency can change the way it moves around without any fiat currency or credit cards, will be held at the beautiful Caribbean vacation destination of St Kitts and Nevis on November 12-13, 2022. The Conference will give an opportunity to network with Government Heads, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Developers, Merchants, and Adoption Team.

The conference would feature Government Leaders and several eminent speakers including the Founder of bitcoin.com, Roger Ver; Member of Parliament of St. Maarten, Rolando Brison; Crypto investor, Mike Komaransky; Developer, John Zuliani and more. The speakers would give an insight into how cryptocurrency was not meant only to be a store of value but was supposed to enable the people to have control of money by freeing the market.

Unlike the popular pursuit of investing in cryptocurrency, the conference is more of a guide on how it can be used in daily lives as legal tender, its Development and Payment Processing, a prediction about the Future of Electronic Cash, and its adoption by merchants.

Pioneer in the citizenship by investment programme Developer, John Zuliani and Global Merchant Adoption Expert Sunny Gehani, would throw light on acquiring second citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis which has visa-free access to over 150 countries and can be acquired for 150000 US Dollars.

To demonstrate how effectively one can make the transition to BitcoinCash transactions, the journey begins even before one reaches the destination. Book air tickets or hotel room, apply for admission to the conference or pay at restaurants or bars or for shopping, salon and spa services, taxis and more without dipping into a wallet or flashing a credit card. BitcoinCash will take care of all the transactions.

BitcoinCash and its relevance

Just like thousands of users and merchants accepting the cryptocurrency in countries like Australia, India, UAE, United States, St Maarten, Antigua, and Venezuela, the ones in St Kitts & Nevis too have become a major part of the BitcoinCash market where one can spend, send, and receive BitcoinCash by using the decentralised Bitcoin.com wallet which has more than 33 million downloads and the BitcoinCash register app has more than 1,00,000 users worldwide.

What makes BitcoinCash a utility cryptocurrency is its low transaction fees of .01 cents, the bigger block size and instant transactions makes it the favourite. While countries are looking into developing their own CBDC which would only give them more control over the monies, BitcoinCash is the Electronic Cash taking over the globe.

BitcoinCash and India

Recently India announced a 1 per cent TDS on all transactions and 30 per cent capital gains on the profit, resulting in a few exchanges shifting their base to other countries.

The merchant adoption is only growing as they find it still very reasonable compared to bank credit card charges and also the no chargeback on transactions feature. One can also sponsor the event or set up a booth at the conference.

For more information on Sponsors or to have a booth please contact: sales@globallink.internationalMore details on the conference are available on: www.bitcoincash22.com

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