Thursday, July 7, 2022
Arunachal Pradesh



The state has several medium industries based on its forest products. Plants to produce cement  and fruit processing units have also come up in the state. There are a number of craft training centres and the states handloom industry has made good progress. The people are experts in cane and bamboo basketry work. Wood carving and black smithy are found in certain villages.
Iron scrapers, spear head, and Daos required for day-to-day use are made in several villages.

Mineral resources found in the state are clay, marble, lime stone, graphite, pyrite. Arunachal Pradesh Mineral Development and Trading Corporation Limited was set up in 1991 and Namchik-Namphuk coal fields are under APMDTCL. The small scale cottage industry consist weaving, cane and bamboo work and silver smithy etc. To provide training to craftsmen there are two industrial training institutes at Roing and Daporijo.