Saturday, August 20, 2022



Agriculture and allied activities is the single largest source of livelihood of rural folk. Paddy is the main crop grown. Manipuri rice is very sweet. It can be eaten without curry. Other crops are wheat, pulses, maize etc. There are two modes of cultivation viz, punghul and transplantation of seeds. In the hill area Jhum and terraced cultivation are carried in the agricultural season. In general the land is cleared in the month of January and February. Crops are sown in May-June and harvesting starts in October and ends about in the early part of December.
The soil is considered fit for all kinds of grain crops, vegetables and fruits. Sirohee hill in Ukural is famous for the Siroi lily. The species of this plant is endemic to that particular hill only. Fruits cultivated include pine-apple, arum, orange. In some areas of the valley apricot, oranges, lemons and mangoes are also grown. Every kind of vegetables like cabbage, carrot, radish, beetroot, turnip, ladies finger, pumpkin and pulses are grown and the yield is very good. Vegetables also include chilly, potato, cabbage, pea, brinjal and tomato.