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Kang- Rathayatra

Rathayatra locally known as 'Kang', is held on the second new moon of Inga (June-July) for ten days and is one of the main festivals of Hindus of Manipur. During the Rathayatra the procession follows the music party with a pung (drum), nahal (large cymbals), gongs, bells and conch. The devotees sing devotional songs and dance. The offerings of barti (short sticks having cotton fibre wrapping around, soaked in ghee), flowers and fruits are made by devotees at different places in the locality. In the evening community feasts are arranged in the Mandapas of temples. The Kirtan called 'Khubakisei' is performed by the devotees. In houses a special kind of food is prepared as a 'prasad'. The main Rathayatra is performed in the Govindajee temple. Women wear special dress for the occasion, the light pink coloured 'fanek' and white 'chader'. Man wear white dhoti and kurta. Some old people also wear white 'pagri'.


In Manipur, Lord Krishna's birthday called Janmashtami is celebrated on the eight day of the new moon in the month of Thawan (July-Aug). It is celebrated by the Manipuris with great enthusiasm and devotion. The devotees keep fast on that day and visit temples. The main rush is seen at the Mahabali temple. A kind of festival is arranged there. In other temples also the priests recite stories of the birth and life of Lord Krishna.

Heikru Hitongba

Heikru Hitongba, the boat race, is an annual function which takes place on eleventh Langban on the canal in the Bijoy Govinda area. It is related to the Govindajee temple as the deities from the temple and palace are made to preside over the function. Offerings of pieces of gold and silver are made before the presiding deities by the Brahmins and the leaders of the two crew parties. The crew-men show a spirited performance. Each party tries its level best to compete with the others and to overthrow the other boats.

Durga Puja

Durga Puja is celebrated in Mera (October) month. The main centre of worship of Durga Puja is the Kali temple of Imphal town. The images of goddess Durga are made at several places in Mandapas and in public places. The Mandapas are decorated during these days and Puja is held in praise of the goddess. The Brahmins recite stories of Puranas, Krishna, Radha and Chaitanya. The idol of goddess is carried in a procession on the last day.


The Diwali festival is celebrated in October with great enthusiasm. The houses are cleaned and decorated. The temples, temple yards, houses, shops and public places are illuminated with divas, candles and electric lights. The goddess of wealth, the Lakshmi, is worshipped in temples and houses. Children enjoy playing with fireworks.. read more


The Baruni festival is celebrated on the thirteenth day of the dark half of Phairen (Jan-Feb). Devoted to worship of Lord Shiva, the festival was introduced by Chandrakirti in the nineteenth century. On this day the devotee boys, girls and elders make a pilgrimage to Nongmaijing mountain. It is a tradition to take ritual bath in the river Ganges. The bath is taken by the pilgrims in Chinggoi stream. After taking the bath they climb the mountain at night by the northward route and follow the opposite side route for descending. The phallic stone is in the Shiva shrine on the mountain. The pilgrims present their offerings to the Shivalinga. Kirtans are also arranged in the temple. The crowd is massive and provides a festive look on this isolated spot.