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Himachal Pradesh

Fairs and Festivals


Mela Jarga
On the fourth day of the bright fortnight in the same month the fair of Mela-Jagra is held to celebrate the birthday of lord Mahasu who is the popular deity of Simla, Sirmaur and Jaunsar areas. This fair takes place at night and the next day a man chosen by the deity, sleeps at the temple and acts as the caretaker who observes a fast the whole day and eats only

after he has performed  the 'Puja' unto the deity. Some symbolic object from the temple is taken to a water tank and bathed there and people who accompany it are sprinkled with the water from the ritual wash. When the party returns to the forest, a community feast is prepared with articles procured from each house in the village. In the evening a huge bonfire is lit known as 'cheeda'. The cheeda is the symbol of the birthday celebration. The priest from the temple comes and perform Puja to it and people line the path with burning torches.