Thursday, January 17, 2019
Himachal Pradesh

The Traditional Folk Crafts

Wall Paintings

Wall paintings are an essential part of the art of the hilly regions. These are painted on walls especially treated for the purpose with clay, lime and golu. The surface of the wall is rubbed over with round stones to give it a smooth finish. The women folk in the house are also good in the art of making traditional drawings.

The palace at Chamba, the Akhan Chandi palace, the Laxmi Narayan temple, the living rooms of old houses in Durga Mangnu and the palaces of Bilaspur have beautiful wall paintings. The Kangra fort, the Narvadeshwar temple, the palaces at Sujanpur and the temples and palaces at Vijapur and Alampur also have wall paintings. In Kulu the tradition of decorating the palace walls with wall-painting began during the reign of king Preetam Singh.

The wall paintings in the Sheesh Mahal show the influence of the Kangra school. Connubial paintings (Dehre) and ornamental door hangings are examples of this art. These are usually made in houses of the rich by women from poorer families. Their subjects deal with traditional and mythological figures like Ganesh, birds, flowers, vedika scenes, Kahars carrying Palanquins, the bride and the groom, the barber and his wife ,the Shehnai players and women folk  all dressed in local finery. The wall paintings  done by women  on the occasion  of fasts  and festivals describe the stories connected with the occasion.

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