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It is a dance very much loved among Goan Hindu girls and women. The details of the dance vary from caste to caste in Goa. Brahmin girls dance it with a brass pot on the head. Farmers, fisher folk and Kunnbis (Gavddis) dance it by forming an interlocked circle often of up to 12 girls. The Mahar women of Pednem area, dance it singly throughout, though in a group with exquisite footwork and attractive rhythm, which is kept up with foot claps every time the dancer revolves around herself. 

At the Chovoth in Goa, nature revives the spirit of fulfillment with the season of fruitfulness. An uncontrollable explosion of energy sets the feet in motion. The girls and women start singing and dancing before Lord Ganesha. The most popular form of Foogddi in Goa is the one with circle formation which begins with the chanting of religious invocations. Konkani songs of special significance as well as of social themes follow upon the religious hymns. They are sung by first improvising some homely group activity like grinding, washing or kneading which provides them with a dramatic setting. In this conductive setting, the group exchanges opinions and information in crisp couplet and salacious stanzas. It can also include scandals and gossip about those who are absent from the scene.After this first part in slow tempo, the group breaks up into pairs and with interlocked hands, swirls around with gradually increasing pace, singing songs of matching speed.

When the swirling attains maximum speed, they simply keep up the rhythm by blowing air through the mouth, making Foo.. Foo sounds. When totally exhausted after the song and dance they sink down with heady satisfaction, laughing yet looking jealously at the pairs still spinning like tops with the dizzy emissions of Foo..Foo..Foo.. in the air. This unique sound in the expression of the song has bestowed the name of  Foogddi, on the dance form. Foogddi is an all weather indoor dance and needs no special religious occasion for performances. It is mostly danced on all important religious and social occasions. It may even form the tail-end portion of other dance forms like the "Dhalo".