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Kunnbi-geet is a folk song prevalent among the hardy labourers called Kunnbis which are sung to the accompaniment of the ghumatt and the drum and the clang of cymbals. These Kunnbis are found concentrated in the Chandor-Kouddi hamlet of Chandor in an exclusive ward
of their own called Kunbeam-Vaddo now being called by them as Miream-Jirem. The theme of their songs varies from romantic love to bitter resentment and satire couched in suggestive language against their landlords (Bhakar) who have usurped their lands and are exploiting them. The Kunnbis sing songs at different times, like at different stages of cultivation of rice. It is done at the time of Nondnni (weeding), Mollnni (threshing), Luvnni (harvesting). Winnowing does not find expression in songs. There are also songs with reference to the rain and its bounty.