Monday, October 3, 2022


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The Dulpod Or Durpod

If the Manddo can be called an expression of the romantic aspect of the Goan, the Dulpod that follow it is the singing repertoire. The Durpod gives its couplets a compressed and catchy note providing fleeting glimpses of the variety of Goan life. It is a thing of joy and gaiety, evoking laughter, carefree in its mood and lively in its expression. 

As the hunting melody of the Manddo moves towards a conclusion and ends, it is followed by the Dulpod, the beat of which is the opposite to that of the Manddo and more quick-moving, symbolising the lively sprightliness of life among the common folk. The Dulpod moves into a staccato beat and quickens in a syncopated rhythm. 

The most popular among the Dulpods are the one about Cecila and her sewing, Modgonvam Thovyanger and 'Maya-ya-ya' or Lia-lia-lo. The Dulpod encompasses the whole of life in its infinite variety- human, animal and vegetables. All of it is captured in the Dulpod in couplets, whose effect in its wording, is very pithy and telling.