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Arts and Architecture


Domestic arts 

The Maithils (people of Mithila) succeeded to some extent in preserving their rich art traditions. Their Brahmins and Kayasthas and their women folk continued their traditional practices which kept alive the ordinary domestic arts of painting earthen pots and mud walls with gods and goddesses.

Bihar has begun to play a vital and active role in promoting cultural forms and in providing opportunities to individual and group talents. The Bihari artist has begun to woo his own native folk forms and to protect  not only his national heritage but also his national identity. The post independence Bihar has many cultural achievements. Bihar took the lead  in establishing the state academy of music, dance and drama even before the National academy was set up. With the help of All India Fine Arts and Crafts society, Bihar's own Shilpakala Parishad, organised exhibitions on the regional level. Bihar was first, in organizing and holding regional festivals  such as Vaishali festival. Bihari craftsmen have excelled in terracotta, bamboo-work, Seenk-work, Kasida, Pottery, stone craft, textiles etc.