Monday, August 15, 2022
West Bengal

Arts & Crafts of West Bengal


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Raibense Dance

The Raibense dance of Birbhium district is a traditional system with a martial motif. The dancers rhythmically flourish staves as they execute vigorous steps. These dances have their strict codes and disciplines unlike the crude and vulgar exhibitionism of the Domnis whose vogue has dimnished greatly. The dances of the Raibenshes of Burdwan and Birbhum seem to be the last surviving vestiges of war-like traditions. The technique of the dances is so vigorous that there has been a new interest in teaching these dances to educated boys and girls of urban centres specially by the Bratachari organisation. Dance is a series of  vigorous physical exercises, in which  the erect torso has an important part to play. The dancers begin in a single file and then make a circle. Hops, jumps and circles are characteristic. Skills with the shield and the spear and the trishul are common. A percussion instrument accompanies the dance.