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Chhau Dance

The Chhau dance of Purulia district is a sophisticated dance system in Bengal. The Chhau dance is a mask dance. There is no Chhau without mask. This dance is usually performed by male dancers. Chhau dance of Purulia has some characteristics of primitive ritualistic dance in its vigour, style and musical accompaniment mainly the drum. The symbols were once used as facial painting or body painting by dancers who were thus recognized as personifying the characters they stimulated  and the masks appeared later.

The best Chhau dance groups or parties are located within Baghmundi P.S. They are the best because of their traditional vigorous and heroic style of performance. The other groups (Domordi-group, Birgram-group, Madla-group etc ) are more sophisticated and refined both in their themes and dance-styles. The Chorda-group of dancers are not only best performs of heroic Pauranic themes, but also are very much selective about such themes for their performance. Chhau mask dance is predominantly a Bhumij art. All the majority of dancer are Bhumji.