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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
West Bengal


Food Habits

The Bengali is predominantly a rice eater. All but the very devout Hindus eat fish as a principal item of their food. He has a sweet tooth and everyone who can afford them enjoys sweet meats made with milk casein (chhan) of which a large variety have been evolved. Another essential item is dal (pulses) which supplements their protein requirements. A large assortment of vegetables and seasonal fruits completes the dietary. Bengalis prefer to other beverages, the habit of taking sweetened tea has a spread to there remotest villages. Chewing of pan laced with lime, Kattha and arecanut is universal., so is the smoking of tobacco, either plain in the form of bidi or mixed with treacle and spices for the hookah. Cigarette smoking has been spreading to rural areas but is still something of a symbol . Drinking of palm juice today and home made alcoholic brews is largely confined to industrial labour and the tribal population.