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West Bengal


Arts & Crafts of West Bengal

Folk Songs

The main varieties of folk songs may be classified into three groups-Baul, Bhatiali, and Sari. 

Baul songs are compositions of the Bauls - wandering minstrels of the Sahajiya sect who seek by their own special way of spiritual quest to discover God. They are usually un lettered but deeply wise in their mystic philosophy and compose songs in their moments of inspiration and dance as they sing, oblivious of their surroundings in their ecstasy. The melodic structure of the songs are simple and shows the basic models in the major and minor scales and the tempo is quick and tripping. 

Bhatiali is a song of the river side and broad fields, drawing out in long, slow measure and with a melancholy content generally a contemplative yearning for a beloved. Sari is essentially the boatmen's song, rendered with verve to the accompaniment of vigorous rhythmic strokes of the oar as the boat glides on the river and is usually sung in chorus. The melodic structure of both types are simple.