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'Even on your worst day, don't stop loving yourself'

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Even on your worst day, don't stop loving yourself, says content specialist and human rights evangelist Reeta Gupta, whose just-published book, "Rescripting Your Life", presents a cogent five-step guide to achieving just that.

"My everyday mantra is: Even on your worst day, don't stop loving yourself... What you listen from others is what your ears hear. That's external appreciation, criticism or validation. But your most powerful conversation happens between your ears, in your mind. You can hear that conversation louder than any other. That's internal self-worth. You are only as good as your next thought about yourself," Gupta says in the book, which has been published by Rupa.

"Believe that the best will happen and it often does. When it comes to yourself, choose kindness -- being unkind to yourself is violent," Gupta penned in a copy of the book that she presented to this correspondent.

How then does one go about rescripting one's life. It's a five-step process, Gupta explains in the book:

* Connect to your source: Nothing comes from nothing -- you have within you the immensity of the source that created you and the rest of this world. Tap into that boundless creative energy.

* Opt out of being ordinary: Start actively challenging any non-serving thoughts and beliefs given to you from your childhood. Don't try to blend in or be normal against your wishes. Rise above labels given to you.

* Activate your imagination: As the Creator created you, so you create your future. Your imagination is your domain for creating the life that you desire, and the best part of it is that you are the monarch of this kingdom! Guard the gates of your imagination ferociously -- don't imagine what you don't wish for.

* Master your emotions: Practise tuning into how your body would feel -- when you live the life you wish for. Increase your overall conscious experience through becoming more aware of your bodily reactions to thoughts, feelings and events. Stay with emotions that energise you.

* Find your values: They act as guideposts that direct your behaviour and shape your goals in useful ways. Even a terrorist can connect to his source, opt out of the ordinary, activate his imagination and master his emotion -- but his values are compromised.

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