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A good mother has been historically expected to contribute her whole life to her family. Mothers have been the glue that holds a family together because it is up to them to provide the loving care and support needed by growing children. The nurturing a mother provides is unparalleled and a vital part of a child’s care. 

It takes learning and practice to become a qualified mother. It is not an easy job because mothers must learn as they go. If we from the perspective of the life lessons we learned as children from our moms, we can see some useful points that can help us better understand how to make our life more beautiful. The gift of God, the boon in everyone’s life, our mom is the only lady who can understand us without even asking a single question. She is the person who can carry out all the tasks required to keep her child happy without even complaining.

 Throughout our life we come across many people and many incidents that are worthy of remembering. We thank God for our existence; we thank the ones who have brought us in this beautiful world. All that we are today is because of them. They play a decisive role in every step of our life right from nourishing us in their body for months to caring for our health even when we are grown up. They are concerned more about us than they are about themselves. They are the only persons who do not stop at anything to make our life more beautiful, they are our mothers.

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