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Strenghten your Will Power

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Every New Year most people make resolutions to improve their lifestyle, and majority of them fail to keep up with the promises they had made to themselves, but why? Lack of strong will power is the straight answer. God has endowed everyone with a will power.

What is Will Power?

Will power is your inner strength that gives you the ability to master your habits and provide you enough strength to take tough decisions convincingly. It gives you emotional strength to survive through the rough phases of life. A strong will power helps you to stick to your resolutions. It helps you to fight laziness and gives you strength to achieve your goals. You can overcome your bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol by sheer will power.

Man is a slave of habits. Everyone has certain weaknesses that one wants to control or quit. It may be weakness for food, cigarettes, alcohol, impulsive buying etc.

A strong will power is necessary for a better and a more confident living. It can transform your life; it teaches you self control to help you lead a happy and satisfied life. It helps you to make positive improvements in your performance at work.

How to Develop a Strong Will Power?

You cannot develop a strong will power in a day or just by wishful thinking. You have to work persistently to master your mind.

You can achieve it by practising Self Discipline.

Self discipline and will power go hand in hand. To attain a strong will power you must discipline yourself in all respects. Self discipline teaches you to control your emotions and impulses to prevent you from doing or saying something which you may regret later.

It helps you not to react impulsively and take wrong decisions.

By controlling your desires and bad habits you can strengthen your will power. You will be the master of your mind and in control of your emotions. You will stop being a slave of habits and will be in charge of your life.

First of all set your priority and be sure about what you want to change in yourself. Start with one thing at a time to prepare your mind to accept the change. You can acquire a strong Will Power by self control and self discipline. 

Tips to help you to develop a strong will power-

1. Do not postpone anything for tomorrow what you can do today. Finish pending work at office before leaving for home, so that you can start afresh the next day.

2. If you want to lose weight and you need to exercise, overcome your laziness and start doing it right away. Start with the exercise that interests you. Join your friends to go for jogging, swimming, going to a gym or join a yoga and meditation camp. Group activity motivates to do better and you are also able to stick to your routine.

3. If you have a sweet tooth and you need to control your blood sugar level, do not give up sweets in one go. Reduce your intake, take a little bite from your favourite sweet and resist the temptation to eat the whole piece. Divert your mind to fight the craving, start walking or exercising or involve yourself in some other activity. Gradually you will be able to control your desire for a sweet. 

4. If your house is in a mess and you are thinking of cleaning it, just do it. You will feel good once you have finished the task.

5. Do not give in to the desire of eating junk food when you know that it is harmful for health. Opt for healthy alternatives like, fresh fruits, juices or soups. Munch on nuts or roasted grains instead of fried snacks.

6. Be selective in your TV programmes. Switch off the TV when there is nothing of your interest. Avoid being a couch potato.

7. Develop interesting and fruitful hobbies like gardening or cooking. Give tuitions to the needy children. You have to be patient to perform this kind of work and patience will give you inner strength and enhance your will power to go on working for good results.

8. When you want to make a change in your life for the better don't give up easily. If you are a late riser and want to wake up early in the morning, start getting up only 15 minutes earlier than your usual waking hour. Practice it for one week and then wake up a little earlier for another week. Gradually your mind and body will get used to that schedule and it won't be difficult to be an early riser.

9. Do not indulge in idle gossip and waste your time. Be strong enough to resist and join a social service group that will be more soul satisfying.

How a strong Will Power helps you in life

It is because of a strong will power that people survive through the natural calamities like an earthquake or a tsunami.

A strong will power gives you the inner strength to fight the odds. You do not overreact in difficult circumstances and tackle them calmly.

When you are mentally strong, you do not get easily upset. You are in control of your emotions and are able maintain composure.

A strong will power will help you to remain calm, patient and happy under all circumstances.

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