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7 Common AC Problems and How to Deal with Them

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Kick start the summer by keeping your air conditioner in perfect working condition. Before we tell you about the most common problems that occur in AC equipments, along with their easy do-it-yourself solutions; before you assess the present condition and check whether your air conditioning equipment needs repair or not, ensure that all windows and doors are sealed shut to make sure the airflow is constant. Also, it is better to check if the thermostat settings are correct, if the air filter is clean and if the circuit breakers are functioning well, etc. It is to be noted that periodic maintenance can come handy in the prevention of breakdown and expensive air conditioning repair activities.

1. Dysfunctional thermostat An incorrectly calibrated or malfunctioning thermostat might result in an air conditioner that refuses to get switched on. The problem can be solved by recalibrating the thermostat, using the equipment manual. If the issue persists even after recalibration and setting the thermostat to the lowest temperature, it might imply that the device needs to be replaced by a qualified technician.

2. Equipment does not get switched on If the conditioner does not get switched on, it means that it is not receiving input power. This might happen because of a tripped circuit breaker, or a blown-up fuse, or loose wires, or issues with the thermostat. To address the issue, check for power supply at various parts of the inlet, analyse at which point the influx of electricity stops, and take appropriate corrective measures.

3. Low efficiency If the refrigerant level is low, it could imply that there is a leakage along the flow line. It is only with the right level of refrigerant that the right temperature and humidity can be achieved. This issue would need the attention of a qualified technician, as the source of leakage needs to be tracked down and fixed, before topping up the refrigerant or replacing the entire unit. If left undetected for long, this issue might lead to low efficiency, high electricity bills, and high repair costs.

4. Condenser issues The condenser performs the vital function of discharging the collected heat from within the house, to the surroundings. As it is exposed to the environment, it is prone to be subjected to dirt, dust, weeds, grass, etc., which might hamper the working of a condenser, if left unclean. To resolve this issue, keep your outdoor unit clean and neat, by cleaning it occasionally and removing weeds.

5. Evaporator issues The evaporator coil comprises refrigerant fluids that absorb heat and transfer it to and from your home. When airflow into the evaporator gets restricted, because of low refrigerant level or dirty air filter, layers of ice can get gradually deposited on the coil. Consequently, your home could get warmer and warmer, even if the air conditioner is switched on and running in full blast.

6. Duct leakage The improper air flow inside your home could be attributed to leaking or dirty ducts. While rats or other rodents might be responsible for leakage, it is essential to recognise this issue at the earliest, lest you get hefty electric bills. This problem can be taken care of by a qualified professional.

7. Noisy AC systems The noisiest part of an AC equipment is the motor of the fan. If clogged with dust and dirt, the bearings and belts inside the motor might deteriorate, causing them to overwork, heat up, and cause excessive noise. If well versed in the technicalities of motors, you could change it by yourself, although it is advisable to seek the assistance of a technician.

While quick fixes can help in resolving leaking ducts and improper AC installation issues, these are not long-term solutions. Get your AC equipment inspected and serviced by trained and verified professionals from They will check your air conditioning systems refrigerant leakage, electric wiring issues, sensor fiascos, and improper condensate drains and provides a thorough servicing at a nominal price.

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