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Nidhi Verma
Nidhi Verma, LLB
Noida- 63, India

Nidhi Verma has done graduation in law and is keen on reading and writing. Currently working with LawzGrid which is an online portal that helps people find legal assistance. The purpose of writing these blog posts is to bring legal awareness to our society and also simplify complicated legal issues for the readers. Law is an intricate part of our lives and through this blog I strive to make it more comprehensive for the reader.


 My Articles

1. Lost Your Original Property Papers? ( Legal )

Property papers are very important, especially when buying or selling a house. However, if, unfortunately, you lose your property papers, it is imperative you know what to do to avert disaster. Here is the procedure to be followed in case of loss of papers.

2. Can You Be Arrested For Not Paying A Loan? ( Legal )

Whenever you reach a situation where you are unable to pay an instalment of the home loan or auto loan or maybe even the micro-loans the question that looms before us is - will I be sent to jail for my loan default? Frankly, the simple answer is most probably not. But here are a few factors which you need to understand.

3. Stopped By The Traffic Police? Here Are Your Rights and Things You Should Know ( Legal )

Being stopped by the traffic police is something that has happened with all of us at some point or the other. If you get pulled over by the traffic police, do not panic. Here are some important rights one should know if pulled over

4. How To Claim Income Tax Refund? ( Legal )

Income tax filings and returns can get complicated and sometimes one ends up paying tax at a higher rate than they are supposed to. The Indian Taxation law permits the assess to claim a refund for the excess tax paid to the government during the financial year. Here's a guide to claim income tax refund.

5. How To Send Or Respond To A Legal Notice? ( Legal )

A legal notice provides a medium to the sender to communicate his grievances and nuances to the receiver. It is basically a warning to the receiver that if he does not take the necessary action to pacify the sender then a legal recourse may be taken against him. Learn more about legal notice and how to send or respond to a legal notice.

6. What To Do If Your Employer Doesn't Pay You The Salary? ( Legal )

If you have been laid off or fired freshly, and you believe that you may have been fired for an unlawful object, you have the right to sue your former employer and claim damages from him for your wrongful termination. Read on to learn the legal recourse available to you.

7. Are You Working Overtime? Know These Laws ( Legal )

Overtime working is a very common thing in a corporate sector. In many Employment Agreement, it is normally stated that an employee must work for extra hours as required by the company. Working overtime must be at the discretion of an employee, not forced down by an agreement. Read ahead to know all the laws.