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Celebrate Holi with mouth-watering delicacies

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Holi is all about fun, frolic, colour and food. Without a glass of thandai and hot jalebi, Holi can't be as bright as you want it to be. Ghujiya, barfi, Dahi vada, soan papdi are some of the dishes which can't be missed during such occasions. Celebrating the colour of the festival with near and dear ones can't be complete without some scrumptious food. Ahead of holi, let's check the list of foods which have to be there at your holi party.


This snack is known by several names like Ghugra, karanji or karajikai. The snack has a crispy outer layer and mouth-watering stuffing of khoya(mawa)and dry fruits and desiccated coconut making it an amazing sweet. Get Recipe of Ghujiya


It is a popular beverage that is made with cooling spices, nuts, seeds, rose petals, and milk. It is a 'must' at your holi house party.

Jaggery Malpua

Use earthly Jaggery instead of sugar combined with the flavour of the desi ghee and creamy rabdi that makes this malpua unforgettable. Get Recipe of Malpua with Sugar

Dahi Vada

The blend of curd and spices makes it tastier. These are lentil dumplings which are fried and topped with curd or yogurt, various spices, and chutney’s and enjoyed as chaat. Generally, Dahi vada does not have an occasion to eat. But on your holi munchings, you can keep it. Get Recipe of Urud Dal Vada


Barfi is made of condensed milk. Based on different regions, barfi comes in different shapes and sizes. But we all love Kaju Barfi. Don't we? Get Recipe of Burfi

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