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The study of rocks of Tripura dates back to 1908 when H.C. Dasgupta first classified the folded sedimentary rocks into 'coal measures' and ' Tripura Groups'. The rocks encountered in Tripura state range in age from lower Tertiary (40 million years old) to Recent (less than 1 million years old).

The sedimentary rocks of Tripura can be divided into 'Formations', 'sub-Groups' and 'Group' on the basis of their lithological composition, depositional characteristic and structural features.

Group Sub-Group Formation Rock type




Unconsolidated silt, and clay with decomposed vegetable matter and gravels

Dupi Tila   Dupi Tila
Sandy clays, clayey sandstone, ferruginous sandstone with pockets of plastic clay, silica and laterite.
Tipam Tipam Champanagar Sandstone, occasional sandy shale and abundant lumps of fossil wood
    Manu Bazar Sandstone with laminated layers and lenses of sandy shale, siltstone and mudstone.
Surma (Contact transitional)
Boka Bill
  Thinly bedded repetition of sandstone, siltstone/shale, mudstone and ferruginous sandstone.
  Bhuban   Hard compact sandstone, olive shale, sandy shale and siltstone repetitions