Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Way Festival

The Mogh community of Tripura celebrates the Wya or Way festival (Lamp festival) on the full moon night of the month of Ashwin  (September- October) of the Bengali calendar year.

From the full moon night of the month of Ashwin (June- July) people of the community observe strict austerity- no occasion is celebrated, marriages do no take place, married women do not visit their parents house during this period. 

Way festival is a time to break the rigour and celebrate life.  People celebrate the occasion with merriment and Lord Buddha is worshipped by offering lighted lamps. Young boys and girls stand in rows with lamps in their hands and pray to Lord Buddha. After the worship, they sing and dance in the premises of the Buddha temple. This traditional dance is known as the Wye dance or the Lamp Dance.

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Way Dance, Tripura