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Malvi is spoken in the Malwa tract i.e., Indore. Bhopal, Mandsor and the Ujjain area. In the east, it extends to the parts of the Jhalawar and Kota districts. In the north, Malvi has the east-central dialect of Rajasthani of which Jaipuri has been taken as the standard. To the east, it has the Bundeli dialect of western Hindi spoken in Gwalior and Sagar. In the south, it has from east to west, the Bundeli of Narsinghpur and central Hoshangabad, the Marathi of Berar and the Nemadi dialect of Rajasthani spoken in north Nimach and Bhansawar. To its north-west, it has the Mewari form of Marwari and Gujrathi and in the south-west Khandesi. Malvi is distinctly Rajasthani dialect having relations with Marwari and Jaipuri (Dhundhari). 

The Bhils have a separate dialect, Bhili, spoken from the south of Merwara in the Aravalli range in Udaipur district and further south in the districts of Dungarpur and Banswara. The dialect if Dungarpur, Banswara, is a Bagria form of Rajasthani, which the Bhils also speak with slight variation. The only difference is that of pronunciation but the structure of the language is the same.

 Marwari and Dhundhari are large groups of local dialects within Rajasthan while Malvi has an outside origin. Bagri and Mewati are small groups within the state. Each of these groups consists of so many sub-dialects with so many local names. On the outskirts of their respective areas these dialects also show the marked influence of Braj, Labanda, Sindhi, Bundeli, Bangru, Gujarati and Punjabi or their dialects in the adjoining tracts.