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Odisha (Orissa)


About Odisha (Orissa)

The places of tourist importance can broadly be classified into three groups - international, national and provincial. Apart from places of tourist interest, many festivals also attracts people from distant areas.

Konark temple-wheel Among places of international repute, the Sun Temple at Konark is the most important. It is better known as the 'Black Pagoda'. Its architectural beauty ranks with the best in the country. This temple, built on the Puri coast, was dedicated to Surya. It is built of black granite, and the sculpture marks the climax of Hindu architecture. Konark is linked by all weather roads to Bhubaneswar and Puri. An air strip is planned to be opened shortly. 

puri jagannath templePuri, famous for the temple of Lord Jagannath, is one of the four 'dhams' of the Hindus along with Varanasi, Dwarka and Rameshwaram. The temple of Lord Jagannath is a colossal one. The Puri coast, is shallow and offers excellent bathing facilities. Puri also has one of the best natural beaches in the country as far as scenic beauty and bathing facilities are concerned. Since the town is a religious place and a sea resort, it attracts devotees and fun-seekers alike. Puri  is also famous for its car festival.            

Bhubaneswar, the capital, known as the cathedral city of India, is the symbol of modernity. The Lingaraj temple, the Jain and the Buddhist caves at Khandgiri and Udayagri, the Ashokan inscription and the Shanti Stupa at Dhauli have made White Tiger in Nandan Kanan  Zoological parkBhubaneswar an important tourist centre. The ruins of the fort of Sisupal of Mahabharata fame can be seen on the outskirts of the city which is justly famous as the 'city of temples'. The 'Nandan Kenam', the Zoological park is the greatest attraction for children and grown-up alike. It is the only centre where white tigers breed in natural setting. It's lion safari, boating facilities, rope ways, toy railways are some of the unique facilities provided in natural setting. All these three places are linked by an excellent rail and road network and form a 'Golden Triangle' from the tourist point of view.

National Importance

The other places of tourist interest are the Hirakud Dam on the Mahanadi and the hydel power station at Machkund in Koraput district. As centers of tourism, they are of national importance. The steel plant at Rourkela comes in this category. Lake Chilika, on the eastern sea board, is one of the beauty spots. Simpilipal is also a tourist centre as  a tiger reserve is located here.

Local Importance

Among the places of local tourist  interest, the waterfall at Deogarh in Deogarh district, Taptapani hot sulphur springTaptapani hot spring in Ganjam district, the Atri hot spring in Khorda district and the temples of Nrushingnath and Kapilas figures prominently. Among the festivals which attract a large number of people from the country and abroad is the world famous car festival of Lord Jagannath of Puri. The festival lasts about 10 days. It draws a large number of international tourists. The Durga puja of Cuttack is also famous. Odisha (Orissa) has still a long way to go to develop tourism as an industry. Modern hotels need to be provided. The transport facilities are to be made more efficient. Qualified tourist guides are also needed.


30 Km north of Bhubanewar  was the medieval capital cuttack, one of the oldest town in Odisha (Orissa).  It was the capital and administrative centre until the end of the British Raj, still the year 1956. The cuttack was founed by Nripati Kesari (920-935).  It occupies an important strategic position in relation to the network of canals in the region.  The town is almost an island and situated at the head of  the Mahanadi delta and surrounded by the great river and its tributary the Kathjuri.