Thursday, October 21, 2021



There are somChamphai valleye small plains in the state scattered over the general hilly terrain. These plains are believed to be possibly the silted beds of lakes which existed at the hill tops.

The plains have thick layers of rich alluvial soil. The largest of these plains is the Champhai plain, situated near the Burma border, 150 km to the east of Aizawal. The Champhai plains are 10 km long at its widest and 5 km across. This area is now famous for cultivation of rice which is of a very fine quality.

Another such plain is at Vanlaiphai, which is situated 90 km away from Aizawal towards the south-east. The plain is 10 km long and about half to one km wide. The major part of this plain has also been converted into fields for permanent paddy cultivation. There is another plain at Thenzawl, situated 90 km south of Aizawal.