Thursday, October 21, 2021



The state gets a good rainfall. During rains the climate in the lower hills is humid and enervating. Malarial fever was a common feature during and after rains particularly in the lower area.

It is quite cool and pleasant on the higher hills, even during the hot season.  A special feature of the climate here is the occurrence of  violent storms during March-April. Heavy storms come from the north-west and they sweep over the hills in the entire state.

Rainfall is generally evenly distributed. The crops seldom suffer from drought. Mizoram, as a whole, gets an average rainfall of about 3,000 mm with Aizawal town having 2,380 mm and Lunglei 3,178 mm. 

Temperature in the state varies from  about 12o C  in winter to about 30oC in summer.  Winter is from  November to February.  There is generally no rain or very little rain during the winter months. Winter is followed by spring which starts at the end of February  and continues till the middle of April.  In April, storms occur and the summer starts.  In April and May temperature goes up to 30oC.

The hills are covered by a haze.  Heavy rains start in June and continue upto August. September and October are the autumn months when the rains cease and the temperature is usually between 19oC and 25oC.