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The 'abode of the clouds' is the appropriate meaning of the 'Meghalaya'. It is a compact and isolated state, lying on the northern border of Assam.

Shillong the capital, is a popular hill station, has a famous 18 hole golf course and a polo ground.  Lakes and water falls are other attractions of this town. 

Ward's lake, east of Police Bazar is an attractive place with facilities for boating. Umiam lake, 16 kilometers from Shillong is popular for fishing and boating.

There are several falls around Shillong. The nearest are  the Beadon falls and Bishop's falls. Elephant falls, 12 kilometres away on the Shillong -Cherrapunji road, is a scenic spot with two high falls surrounded by fern covered rocks. Observation sheds are provided to get a good view. Best time to visit - June to October (rainy Season) Other falls are the Spread Eagle falls beyond the old polo ground and Sweet falls beyond happy valley.

The Shillong peak which is highest in the state is good for trekking. It is known as the 'abode of the gods' and has excellent views. The Kyllang rock, beyond Mairang off the Shillong - Nongstoin Road is a massive block of granite that rises to some 220 metres. The top offers a grand view of the valleys to the north especially during winter months. Near Mawsmai, there is a complete view of the high falls, Noh-sngi-thiang across a wide gorge.

The Butterfly Museum

It is at Wankhar and Co, Raiatsamthiah.  Visit : 1000 -1600.  It has a good display of mounted butterflies and beetles from India and abroad. The butterflies are breeded here as a conservatory measure.

The Central Museum

It is at Lachumiere,  Visit : 100 - 1600, Monday to Saturday except 2nd Saturday and all Government holidays.  Entry - free.  It has ethnographic and archaeological objects.

The tribal Research Institute, Mawali has indigenous specimens and articles of the tribal people.  It opens from 1000  to 1600, Monday to Saturday. Entry - free.