Friday, April 19, 2024

Fairs and Festivals


The fast comes twice every month and falls on the 11 the day of the moon. Both men and women observe it. It is in honour of Vishnu. People bathe in the morning, worship in the Vishnu temple and fast the whole day. There are some people who do not take anything but a few drops of water poured over a Tulasi plant, sacred to Vishnu, and dripping from its leaves. Others content themselves with one meal and that too, not of rice. Early next morning, i.e. on Dwadesi, the 12th lunar day, they bathe and worship in the temple, obtain Prasadam or leavings of offerings, put sandal paste to their forehead, breast and arms and then break the fast. The more devout feed a few Brahmans and give them money. The Ekadesi is a day specially set apart for the worship of Vishnu. People offer Puja to Vishnu on this holy day, to ensure the forgiveness of sins and the gratification of all one's wishes.